What is your 100x ROI goal? How are you going to do it? What if we put a deadline on it?

My name is Darren Smith, Chief Unlearning Officer – I’m a strategy advisor and collaboration expert. I’ve invested my life into helping CEO’s learn to win hearts, create collaborACTION and transform their organization into teams of collaborative and savvy leaders. The result is a 100x return.

I’ve met business leaders who are collaborative – they connect with you and build trust quickly. I’ve also met savvy leaders who know how to make money.

In my experience, I’ve met few that are both – collaborative and savvy. Meaning, they know how to create collaborACTION. CollaborACTION is winning hearts and minds combined with savvy to produce better results. The key is, these leaders know how to win hearts.

How do I show you how to win hearts?
I help you draw out what makes you great so you can bring it to bear on your biggest issues.

For example, a great person knows their ‘BIG WHY,’ uses principles to make decisions and practices habits to strengthen their character.

What does that look like?
Team alignment issue: when your team faces difficulty and loses heart, reminding them of their ‘BIG WHY’ wins their hearts back and you move forward with renewed vigor.
Strategy implementation issue: when there is a loss of clarity on ‘what’ you are doing to implement your strategic plan, your team’s ‘BIG WHY’ points you in the right direction again.
Business development issue: lastly, when you distinguish yourself from your competition, you share your ‘BIG WHY’ to show your clients your heart and if there is a true ‘fit’, you’ll win theirs. Additional examples.

If you email me at darrensmith@cimastrategic.com I will cheerfully answer questions in regards to winning hearts. I invite you to begin your organization’s transformation today.

Time and money are priorities, not resources, and someone is using them. Make CollaborACTION a priority.

I’ve done over 100 of these types of strategy advisory projects and look forward to sharing stories with you. References are available.

Where is Darren?

October – Leadership College Kick-off (1/2 day, open registration)
Friday, November 10th – Quarterly CEO Breakfast (90 minutes, Invitation Only)
Monday, November 20th – Annual Thanksgiving CEO Dinner (90 minutes, Invitation Only)
December – Leadership Master Class Introduction Breakfast (90 minutes, Invitation Only)

Please contact sally@cimastrategic.com to register for these events.


Collaboration Gauge Quiz:

Using the definitions of what collaboration is and is not on the Collaboration Gauge, answer these questions:
1. Where does your team rate? Where does your last project or your average project rate?
2. How long has your team or have your projects rated this way on the gauge?
3. What margins could you reach if you were able to close the gap between where your team or projects rate and where you want to be on the gauge?
4. What are two steps you can take to close the gap and how would you reward progress?
5. If you email me at darrensmith@cimastrategic.com I will cheerfully send you two steps to consider.