Darren Smith works with clients to capture WHO they are and most importantly, capitalize on it.

Darren is an expert in strategy implementation and collaboration. He works with clients to capture on paper what makes them excellent, and then leverage WHO they are in the implementation of their strategy, culture and business development.

Here are a few results of capitalizing on WHO you are:

– Crystalizing your business niche so you can own it.
– Attracting team members who are a tighter fit with WHO you are and can take you where you want to go.
– Re-energizing business development growth by answering ‘Why you?’ with WHO you are.

Darren has completed over 100 of these types of projects, working successfully with CEOs who are between 40 and 50 years old, at least in mindset. He is your booster rocket to make implementation happen, sustain the momentum and keep everyone accountable.


Where is Darren?

Monday, January 7th – Significant Leadership Program, Denver
Friday, February 8th – Quarterly CEO Breakfast (Invitation Only), Dallas/Park Cities Hilton
Thursday & Friday, March 21-22 – Significant Leader Program (Group Class), Dallas Cooper Hotel & Conference Center

Please contact sally@cimastrategic.com for more information on these events.


Collaboration Gauge Quiz:

Using the definitions of what collaboration is and is not on the Collaboration Gauge, answer these questions:
1. Where does your team rate? Where does your last project or your average project rate?
2. How long has your team or have your projects rated this way on the gauge?
3. What margins could you reach if you were able to close the gap between where your team or projects rate and where you want to be on the gauge?
4. What are two steps you can take to close the gap and how would you reward progress?
5. If you email Darren at darrensmith@cimastrategic.com, he will send you two steps to consider.