Often, the very thing that should help an organization’s strategy implementation is what hinders it – the people part, or the culture.

Did you know when CEO’s successfully connect strategy & culture they generate a 6 times greater result than CEO’s who focus only on strategy?

Darren helps clients consistently connect strategy & culture by first capturing WHO they are and then, most importantly, capitalizing on it. In other words, he shows them how to leverage their culture to enhance the implementation of their strategy for quality growth.

The result is being the ‘high strategy, high culture’ organization your customers and team members want. Producing goods that are truly good and services that truly serve.

Contact Darren directly at darrensmith@cimastrategic.com or 214-535-9333 to chat about how connecting strategy & culture works and how Darren’s Significant Leadership Advisory Program can get you there.


Where is Darren?

June 21: Quarterly CEO Breakfast (Invitation Only), Dallas/Park Cities Hilton
August 15-16: Significant Leadership Program (Group Class), Dallas Cooper Hotel & Conference Center
September 20: Speaking on ‘Great Strategy’ at T-Bones Orthopedic Conference, Frisco, TX

Please contact sally@cimastrategic.com for more information on these events.