I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to high integrity, great strategy execution and permanence.

I catalyze proven leaders for high integrity, great strategy execution, and permanence.

With great strategy execution, my approach is that achievement of great results increases engagement, not the other way around. I show you how to use individual excellence to enhance strategy execution to achieve great results, which increases engagement.

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February 21st: Subscribe to CEO Business Breakfast Booster Rocket, Dallas TX – Park Cities Hilton

The business improvement topics range from Execution of the 80/20 Principle to Building the Business Ecosystem You’ve Always Dreamed Of to attract clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

March 20th: Subscribe to 3rd Friday 30 Minute CEO Skill Sharpener, Webinar

During each 30 Minute CEO Skill Sharpener webinar we’ll use a recent LinkedIn post I wrote that resonated with a lot of people to drive a meaningful discussion with other proven leaders and drive action.┬áIn 30 minutes you’ll receive an idea you can use to catalyze high integrity and great strategy execution.

April 22nd-24th: Subscribe to Spring Significant Leadership Program, Dallas TX – Cooper Aerobics Center

Ascend to the Highest Level of Leadership in 9 hours.Become a Significant Leader.

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