Here’s an example of a 12+ month strategy advisory project to find a solution to a client’s challenge.


CEO assembled a 10 person team that he wanted to turn into leaders that are 80% as effective as himself and collaborate at a higher level based on measured results.


Enable CEO to reach his ‘WHY’ more accurately and frequently – to leave a legacy by helping others self-actualize.

Progress Metrics

(results to be ‘checked-off’ for program success by CEO and top 3 leadership team members)

  • Installation of principles and/or values tied to principles- into the existing strategic plan.
    – Principles guide the use of values- Decisions should help, not hinder upholding principles
    – Establishment of ground rules that help tie everything together
  • CEO and 3 leadership team members completed six months of strengths training.
    – Made use of collaboration tools
    – At least one obstacle to collaboration was removed that was historical, cultural, procedural or compensatory.
  • 80% of all leadership team members knew each others’ BIG WHY.
  • 80% of all leadership team members agreed on who the organization fits with, what the organization does and how they do it.
  • 80% of all leadership team members noticeably behaved according to principles, values, ground rules and the organization’s BIG WHY.
  • Value

    The CEO’s increased satisfaction, peace and transformation into a ‘winning coach’.


    The Collaboration Strategy Advisory Program consisted of:

    Strategy advisory:
    Monthly call between CEO and Darren to track results
    Monthly contact between Darren and CEO’s team members doing necessary tasks related to progress metrics for program success.
    Unlimited access to Darren and materials by CEO and his top 4 leadership team members via telephone or email during the engagement period. Response time – within 1 day.
    Research – surveying, interviewing and analysis.
    Strengths assessments, feedback
    License for CEO’s organization to use all Cima intellectual property.
    Content delivery such as a core skills development program for the leadership team

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