How to Improve Your Thinking – Your Most Important Activity Which You Spend The Least Amount of Time Perfecting

Many of us have reduced our thinking to a rushed, opportunistic and linear activity.Thinking today is driven by pressure for immediate action, and action unfortunately drives out thought. Our goal should be to avoid worrying about action and concentrate on a few insights. Then, act on the highest leverage opportunities (3-5 things that produce 80% […]

How to Find Speaking Opportunities

Local professional associations are always looking for speakers who can add value to their members. Send a short description of your topics to the contact person responsible for programming and offer to fill a gap in their schedule or ask them to call if they have a last minute cancellation. They will appreciate your interest […]

How Valuable is Speaking in the Business World?

People often ask this question –“How do I move away from competing solely on price? My clients say there are other considerations, but at the end of the day I still feel my client picks the lowest bidder.” What other value are you delivering that differentiates you from your competitors? Speaking is one of the […]