College Sports and Thought Leadership

If you want a model on how to become a thought leader faster, look at the Creighton University. They have 4,000 undergraduate students and no sports tradition and they want one. If they decided they wanted to compete in football at the national championship level, they’d have to fight their way through 112 other schools that include […]

Accept the Circumstances You Find Yourself in and Picture Yourself Winning the Race

I spend a lot of time with senior executives and over the last several years there is something I’ve observed. When they find themselves in challenging circumstances, they tend to look around themselves – “do we have the right people” or “what if we were better capitalized” or “we need to improve our processes.” What […]

So What – “Catching Someone Doing Something Right”

Everyone has a story like this to use as an anchor they can rely on to catch someone doing something right. I coached a 9 year-old boys soccer team this past fall. It was joyous to shout-out to one of the unsure, lesser-skilled players – “hey, you ran to an open spot and asked for a […]

Attacking Cookies Vertically

Since I have the benefit of working from home, I eat lunch with some of my children from time to time. Today, I gave each of my two youngest children (both girls) a cookie. One, like me, attacked her cookie by horizontally inserting one side of the cookie into her mouth. I mean, how else would you […]

On Stretching and Taking Prudent Risk

There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal today about an asteroid coming within 200,000 miles of the Earth at 6:38 p.m. CST tonight. The closest an asteroid has come to colloiding with our planet in 37 years. It reminds me of a story many of us have heard before that helps us keep our […]

Masters of Life or Ministers of the Design Established by the Creator?

Here’s a rhetorical question – How much intellectual heft do you have behind your position on controversial issues in our society? I was looking for a document called Humanae Vitae which delivers the “why” behind the Catholic Church’s position on the abortion issue. In the process, I found an article written today with the title […]

How do you start being a Thought Leader?

Here’s a glimpse into what Thought Leadership looks like in action (based on my involvement with Alan Weiss, a Thought Leader if there ever was one). This glimpse is from an email sent to a group of participants in an experience I produce for the commercial construction industry called the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Assured […]

Employees Alone Together

The Wall Street Journal ran an article on virtual workers and the teams they formed. The introduction described a virtual team conference and cocktail hour consisting of team members distributed all around the country. They all had webcams and could see each other. This trend will continue. It is inevitable. Many firms have become more […]

An Interesting Wrinkle

The U.S. Post Office’s focus on attracting more advertisers to use standard mail to increase the advertiser’s website traffic is interesting. This is the best attempt at innovation I’ve seen from this government entity that is currently bleeding over 8 billion dollars a year of OUR money. How many of us would benefit from this type of […]

People Build Buildings, That’s Why Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Makes Sense

We all know people build buildings, not software or work processes. Why, then, is the industry primarily focused on developing software tools such as building information modeling (BIM) and adapting work processes such as lean building (LEAN) to enable team members to work together more effectively? BIM and LEAN are important, but will they change […]