Leadership, John Wayne Style

I have a favorite John Wayne quote – “leadership is being scared to death and saddling-up anyway.” There are 87 freshman congressmen in the U.S House of Representatives right now. Bolstered by the Tea Party movement they are saddling-up to act on the deficit. The problem is the few hundred other congressmen that are scared […]

The “Way” You Said That…

I was in a conversation in a men’s group I participate in on Tuesday mornings at St. Monica Catholic Church and the “way” someone in the group related a very common phrase struck me this past week. He said “if I had taken the other fork in the road, I would have never been the father of Sheila’s […]

Attitudes Are The Only Real Disabilities

I dropped-off our babysitter at her apartment a few days ago and the thoughts she created are still with me. The babysitter’s name is Rosa. She is our 75 year-old former nanny. On the drive to her apartment (Rosa does not own a car) she updated me on what she had been doing the last […]

If You Really Want Someone to Read Something, Then…

Nobody reads anymore. They scan. If people scan and if pictures (business process visuals) are worth at least a few hundred words, why don’t we use pictures more to communicate with others? My bet is that when someone scans a process visual they slow-down enough to read (probably because there’s a few hundred words to absorb)… For example, […]

The “First Touch” is the Most Important One

In soccer, the first touch by a player in possession of the ball determines the success of the entire possession. The first touch could be a shot on the goal with the intention to score, it could be a pass to a teammate or the player could dribble. The result could be scoring (or not), […]

What is Sainthood and Why Should You Care?

Sainthood is being everything on earth you were put here to be. Every writing career starts as a personal quest for sainthood, for self-betterment. Sooner or later, and as a rule quite soon, a man discovers that his pen accomplishes a lot more than his soul. – Joseph Brodsky, Russian-born U.S. poet & critic