Staying Humble is Good for Growth

I’ve blogged about taking-up swimming as a new form of exercise. There is a class at 5 a.m. on Wednesdays for an hour with a coach. After more than two months of learning how to breath and actually swim laps, I was pleased to be moved from the slowest swimmers’ lane to the next level up […]

Spiritual Test

I’m in a men’s group at St. Monica Catholic Church and we are reading/discussing a book by Fr. Larry Richards called “Be A Man.” One thing in the book struck me. Fr. Richards shared the story of teaching in a high school for several years and ever year he would ask the students; “what do […]

Is China Next?

There have been a number of articles speculating when/if there will be unrest in China like there has been in the Middle East and Northern Africa. One interesting thread is consistent in these articles – unrest actually starts with the middle-class, not the poor. When the economic opportunities worsen and there are no political participation opportunities, […]

What Upheavel in the Mid-East Teaches Us About The Value of Respect

We may not have protests in our office, but what about silent protests? Covert protests that impact recruitment, retention, productivity, etc…? After food & water, what we crave the most is respect. Knowing that, besides the paycheck to buy that food and water, what do you do for your team members? Do you catch-up on […]


As part of my professional development this year, I participated in the Association for Strategic Planning Conference in Dallas recently. Adrian Ott spoke on time/value trade-offs (e.g. How much time will an opportunity take? Is it worth the time?) and how they determine how we “buy” things under four different considerations of impact on our time. 1. Time Savers […]