This Really is Positive if You Think About it

I’ve triangulated the following thought from the Wall Street Journal, colleagues in the capital markets and my own observations and experiences working with commercial property owners, bankers, architects, engineers & contractors – business is in for a huge test starting in 2012. The other “shoe” still has not dropped in the commercial loan world. Business and government are […]

Not so fast… India

The Wall Street Journal had an article titled “Few India Graduates are Fit to Hire.” It is a great reminder to avoid taking things at face value. You have to do a little homework. For example, I, like you have been fearful for our country’s future because everyone else is catching-up to the U.S., e.g. India […]

You Have to Hire or Cultivate Hybrids

I visit with CEOs weekly. In addition the last two weeks, I have had coffee with a few executive recruiters that focus on senior-level positions and it sparked this blog entry. I was asked what CEOs are looking for as they begin to hire again. My answer – before 2008, you could be successful being […]