“Resolution” of Executive Coaching

While visiting with my colleague, Alan Weiss recently he made a point. Senior executives running organizations know what to do, its just a matter of doing it. For example, he mentioned, we don’t need another book on how to lose weight, we need resolution.  He defines resolution as focus, discipline and accountability. An executrive coach should do […]

Seeing is Believing and Buying

I started life with a new dentist today and the visit brought something back into focus. You have to SHOW value. She took the usual x-rays and something new – color photos, including one with a “tooth shade sample” to document the color of my teeth at this point in time! Brilliant…. Using a large, […]

New Challenge or Old Hat, It Doesn’t Matter One Bit

I produce a coaching group for raising the bar on business development and they are called Business Development Leadership Groups and they are delivered via WebEx TeleForums. The participants are experienced executives that are self-motivated and the energy level in the last TeleForum was uncharacteristically low. It may have been that particular day, the content or […]

Bitcoins are Proof You Can Create Reality

A Bitcoin is a fast-rising, global currency (its value has increased 200,000% in the past year). It is electronic money that can change hands without the need of a financial institution. More than $500,000 of the coins changed hands in a recent 24 hour period Bitcoin operates as a peer-to-peer network, there is not “site” so it can’t […]