How Good is Your Crystal Ball?

As you’ve heard many times, the only sure thing is change. The tiny desert nation of Qatar wins the right to host the 2022 World Cup of Soccer, most people will soon keep their data and software applications on some cloud “up there,” wherever that is… and now nations are making land grabs in the Arctic because […]

1st web page 20 years ago today….

What would we do without instant news in the palm of our hands, online shopping and Linked-In? August 6th, 1991, the world wide web was born. Think about how it has impacted our lives in 20 years. It’s amazing to think about its impact in another 20.

My recent article for WEALTH Magazine

Why Sharing Is the New Normal for Business (edited for a general audience) In just the past few years, collaboration has evolved from a competitive advantage to a necessity.We consumers are demanding more certainty when we buy something. Social media-driven technology, combined with increased expectations about certainty, has begun to monetize trust. Tying these two […]

An Additional Way to Look at Reality

I’m reading an article in Fast Company about Ryan Trecartin, the first art genius of the YouTube age. Two of his comments are intriguing: 1. … And he prefers to hear about books rather than read them. “I’m more interested in the response than the source. I’m interested in the interaction.” 2. “We know all […]