Do You “Get It”

I approached a well-kept, quaint, cottage-style house in an older neighborhood to pick-up a Christmas gift for my wife. It was in one of those well-located, older neighborhoods where many of the original houses had been torn-down to make way for monster houses that would maximize the value of the land it sat upon. In […]

Soft is Hard and Hard is Soft

I was visiting with a principal of an engineering firm and he mentioned how he expects job candidates to have the necessary technical (hard) skills and decides who he will hire based on their demonstrated (soft) skill with people. What I really heard from this principal is the opposite of how we behave. We tend […]

Mentoring is the Opposite of Coaching

Here’s the deal: Mentoring is long-term, coaching is short-term (usually six months to a year) Mentoring is full of content that is dependent on the mentor’s life experiences, coaching is a process, it’s content free Mentoring is reactive, the mentee has to initiate contact and ask the right questions and coaching is proactive, there are […]

How Recording One Second Every Day Could Change Your Life

Think about this article from Fast Company…. It really ties-in to the BIG WHY of doing what you are doing. I used to think it wasn’t possible to make every second count. This exercise moves us closer to doing that. It helps us remember to be grateful and ask questions to understand someone else […]

Your High-Level Direction When Leading an Organization

Great metaphor I found in the Wall Street Journal today…. Even though you “know what to do”, memorable, contextual examples like this one help you “do it” more frequently.While I would add humility and respect to your high-level direction when leading an organization, I detect Joe has that covered after reading the article.   This […]

Creating New Rules is the Name of the Game

Have you read the book or seen the movie Moneyball?  The story is about Billy Beane, general manager of Major League Baseball’s Oakland A’s. The A’s have the smallest payroll in baseball yet compete against teams with two to four times the payroll. Billy learns he can’t win if he tries to play by the […]

Standards or No Standards, THAT’S the Question

I was chatting with my colleague, Clay Goser about the following…. If there is no standard, it’s hard to measure performance. A child’s behavior, servant leadership, the whiteness of a shirt, natural law, collaboration…. Like a pair of work shoes you’ve worn for 5 years, they look great until you sit them next to a […]

Where do You Pick-up the Most Information?

I was in boot camp this morning and caught myself with my head down as I was gasping for air. When we’re stressed, our guard drops and we reveal what’s really going-on emotionally inside of us. This happens when we’re angry, hurt, surprised and so on. If we can keep our head-up during these times, […]

How Do You Collaborate When There’s Money On the Line?

Everyone can collaborate when things are going well. When your money or reputation is at risk, things change. For example, you produce a program and subcontract a subject matter expert to deliver content for part of the program on terms agreed upon ahead of time. What if you cannot pay them according to those terms […]

Would You Drive 100 Miles for a 38 Minute Meeting?

It’s 3:30p and I’m driving as fast as I can to a 4p meeting that is still 60 miles away. En-route I call my colleague with whom I have the meeting and ask if we can meet at 4:30p. He replies that he has another meeting afterwards and must leave for it by 5p. He […]