More Light is Shed on Our Collaborative Future

I was in Austin recently for a conference on Public/Private Partnerships (P3). P3 enables the private sector to help public sector entities such as federal, state and local governments build/maintain public facilities (i.e. courthouse) and infrastructure (i.e. bridges) by bringing ideas and creative financing. The public sector has no money (and won’t for the foreseeable future) and will […]

Strategically Thinking About Your Trust Rating

What if, on a scale of 1-50, you knew how much your organization was trusted compared to others? Would knowing your “trust rating” be more valuable than earning a spot on “Best Places to Work” or “50 Largest Companies in your Industry?” My response would be “yes.” Your “trust rating” is becoming a new form […]

What You Can Learn From Door Dings

I learned a lesson from my school-age children recently. We had a problem with them opening my car doors in the garage and dinging their mother’s car. At first, like most of us, I didn’t think I was part of the problem.  I proceeded to try to “fix” my children by teaching them how to […]

Miami Vice

I was at a business meeting in Miami Beach this week and I followed my routine of connecting with the city I find myself in, even if only for two days. Here’s the routine: Take a walk, bike ride or run wherever you are Visit a significant landmark (in my case I go to daily Mass at […]

Living Very Large

While it’s all relative to where you stand economically and geographically, how much is too much? In the Wall Street Journal today there is an article about a small cadre of very wealthy people that are building bigger houses than ever before while the average size new house being built in the U.S. has shrunk […]

How Big is Your Question Vault?

In business, what if you had a question vault equivalent to Bob Hope’s joke vault?To comedians, jokes, stories and quotes are valuable and worth protecting and preserving. Bob Hope was arguably the most successful comedian that ever lived. Over the years Bob Hope employed dozens of writers to create material, including jokes to use in […]

Business Writing – The Most Important Point

The most important point of business writing (letter, memo, blog, publication article, etc…) is to be read by the reader, so make it engaging. Pearls of wisdom from a colleague of mine – Sally Strackbein. 1. pick one topic 2. tell a story related to the topic 3. make your point 4. make it short Common sense stuff that’s […]

What you want vs. what you need

Bonds backed by student loans aren’t selling. The ones that ARE selling are the ones where the gap between tuition costs and wages earned after graduation are widest (return on investment). Theat means don’t go to law school or private schools right now. It means more practical investments like certificate programs and very specialized conferences or […]

Not Pefection, Additional Success

Leadership is being 80% sure and moving forward. Almost any strategy will work for you. Its the execution that counts. In business development it is consistently doing outbound marketing at some level everyday. Collaborative coaching is the norm, directive coaching, like football coaching is the exception.