Less is More, Even with Desserts

As a rule, whether it’s strategy, the length of a speech or a term in office, less is usually more. Less can create speed, simplicity, focus and other desirable results. Now there are always exceptions to rules, which leads me to another of my favorite rules – we need success, not perfection. Adhering to your […]

JOT – Just One at a Time

I’m developing content around increasing collaborative capability in organizations and I’ve observed something. We resist change because it involves additional work and there’s a risk of failing because of a lack of follow-through on implementation – which is where “flavor of the month” and the like come from. Do we resist change because we attempt […]

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

I’m focused on communicating the idea of “we may think we behave a certain way ALL the time, but it’s probably not so.” For example, if we are asked  if we’re collaborative ALL the time, most of us would answer “of course. That’s just the way we are.”Well, sure, when things are going well…. What […]