Soccer Egos in the Heat of the Moment

I just retired from an “over 40” soccer league playing against former college players and in some cases ex-professionals. The intensity and the will to win is still there even if the “legs” aren’t what they once were. Most of us are still “legends in our own minds….”  Last season, I was defending a very […]

Good for Nothin’? Stretch Goals…

Stretch goals are good even if you don’t reach them. Whether you reach them or not, you can take a “look back” to realize the progress that’s been achieved – it resets your perspective. For example, at one time you may have worried how to pay your mortgage. Now, you’re wringing your hands about how […]

What is Collaboration Good for?

Among a dozen ideas, here are a few: intensify interaction to act bridge obstacles such as distance

Raw Horsepower is Finite

…in addition, it’s not sustainable… If you’re looking for that “next gear,” it’s through finesse, not prowess. Slow-down to speed-up.

Useful, Time-Tested Metaphor

…fibers that, connected together, form a rope and miracles happen… It’s basic, everyone can relate and no one tires of it.

When Approaching an Intersection, Look Behind You as Well

While running, I approached an intersection and looked both ways before crossing. I was not paying attention to the car approaching from behind me. Fortunately, I avoided what could have been a losing proposition with an automobile. Lesson learned; take-in all of the relevant information. Never assume. It’s too easy to avoid most issues.

Just Because You Played, Doesn’t Mean You’ll be a Good Coach

Mark Twain once said; “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does seem to rhyme a lot.” We’ve all seen the great player that fails spectacularly as a coach or the ultimate assistant coach that is elevated to incompetency as a head coach. Just because someone is technically competent and/or has been with your organization […]

A Question Tool for Difficult Decisions

Why you?Why now?Why in this manner?Is doing nothing an option?If this decision is extraordinarily successful, what will happen?

Is There a Personal and a Work “Big Why”?

No. You only have one life. Your life. We spend a lot of time engaged in work-related activities. Why a separate “Big Why” for personal life and work life? Simple is beautiful. Besides, why risk misalignment with yourself?