Standards or No Standards, THAT’S the Question

I was chatting with my colleague, Clay Goser about the following…. If there is no standard, it’s hard to measure performance. A child’s behavior, servant leadership, the whiteness of a shirt, natural law, collaboration…. Like a pair of work shoes you’ve worn for 5 years, they look great until you sit them next to a […]

Where do You Pick-up the Most Information?

I was in boot camp this morning and caught myself with my head down as I was gasping for air. When we’re stressed, our guard drops and we reveal what’s really going-on emotionally inside of us. This happens when we’re angry, hurt, surprised and so on. If we can keep our head-up during these times, […]

How Do You Collaborate When There’s Money On the Line?

Everyone can collaborate when things are going well. When your money or reputation is at risk, things change. For example, you produce a program and subcontract a subject matter expert to deliver content for part of the program on terms agreed upon ahead of time. What if you cannot pay them according to those terms […]

Would You Drive 100 Miles for a 38 Minute Meeting?

It’s 3:30p and I’m driving as fast as I can to a 4p meeting that is still 60 miles away. En-route I call my colleague with whom I have the meeting and ask if we can meet at 4:30p. He replies that he has another meeting afterwards and must leave for it by 5p. He […]

Another Way of Looking at Collaboration

I’ve coached my 4th grade son’s soccer team for three seasons and from the beginning I’ve included other parents in the running of the team. The team is recreational and the focus is on building friendships, growing as a player and increasing character. The soccer field just happens to be the stage and the soccer […]

Elevate From Commodity to Experience

Face it. Selling a commodity is boring. The only way it can hold a person’s attention is if it can be obtained for a lower price. What if instead, you could sell an experience? An experience can make people look or feel good. Therefore, people are willing to pay more for experiences than commodities. What […]