Belief Without Proof

If you’re a college football fan, you probably noticed Texas A&M;’s dramatic turnaround this year under first-year coach, Kevin Sumlin. The football team has a proud tradition, but really hasn’t been good for more than a decade. None of the players on the current team were probably old enough to remember the last time the […]

Humility & Football Coaches

I was rooting for a Notre Dame victory during last night’s blow-out college football’s national championship game, where Alabama delivered a “clubbing” to the Fighting Irish. One observation about Nick Saban, Alabama’s coach is that he has humility and pride. As effective as he is, I feel he is competing with one arm tied behind […]

“Feeling Offended is Bogus,” Get Your Ego Out of the Way

I had the opportunity recently to be “offended.” I met with a prospect that I had been trying to meet for several years. While I feel my approach lands well on most prospects I reach-out to in order to start a relationship, it had not landed well with this particular prospect. She informed me she […]

You Want Me to do What?

It’s a new week and I reached-out to a few people I haven’t visited with in a while as I tend to do on a monthly basis and would like to pass-on an idea from one of those conversations. Make a list of all the things you do when you’re most at peace, e.g. pray, […]


We tend to allow the “urgent” things to squeeze-out the “important” things in our lives, including doing our “important” things at work. To put it another way, we tend to fill-up our life’s mason jar with “urgent” pebbles first which doesn’t leave room for all of the “important” big rocks that fit before when you […]

Outrunning Your Supply Lines

I had breakfast recently with a very successful businessman that made his money in the insurance business. Insurance by its very nature is conservative and doesn’t lend itself to being proactive which is risky. Instead, it is reactive to the market it serves in order to lower risk. I was explaining to this man a […]

It’s Easy When Things are Going Well

We’re on the last day of a 17 day, 3,000 mile family trip (my wife and I and our 5 children in a minivan) over the Christmas holiday. What I noticed on this trip was how our behavior can be affected by schedule, budget and/or quality expected (same as business). At the beginning of our […]

Standing-back and Taking Notice

Many people talk about working smarter, not harder to lower labor intensity in achieving your objectives. Below is an example of lowering labor intensity. It is an “open letter” to my prospects and clients in the design & construction industry. I’m building thought leadership on how to collaborate more in the industry and continually narrowing what I’m […]