The Pride System Helps You Collaborate Deeper

This tool is called a Pride System. It helps your team members minimize negative pride on one end of the spectrum and maximize communication and self-esteem on the other.I’ve found the study of pride very helpful in learning to collaborate deeper to increase team strength & speed.Why? Pride isn’t a very safe subject to discuss […]

You Need a Rock

I heard a story of a traveler who boarded a boat with a capacity for 100 people. It was a long, skinny, open-air boat with arms that stretched-out over the water to help balance it in rough water. Before the boat departed, a rush of new passengers boarded that pushed the numbers to what looked […]

I Already Know This!

Lately, I’ve had a rash of colleagues lament about having to participate in training they think they’ve already covered. They shared that it wasn’t a good use of their time. They had a lot of other things to do. My reaction was “yes.” Things happen for a reason more than we recognize. We tend to […]

Sooner is Better

We all have timelines for things. Earning a certification, shedding weight, executing a strategic plan, etc… Have you ever created a timeline for an objective and later you weren’t aware it needed to change until someone or something brought it to your attention? That’s what happens when you let your focus fall-back on yourself for […]