Collaboration Happens Regardless of Risk of Loss of Reputation or Money

Collaboration is being child-like in your interaction with others. She doesn’t let her pride influence her decisions and she’d give you all the money she has in her pocket if you asked.

5 types of Collaboration

The Journey to the Base of the Mountain Before Your Collaboration Climb I spoke with the president of a firm that was part of a team being recognized for exemplary collaboration on a project. I was calling him to know who from his firm would be representing them when the project was recognized at the […]

You Can’t Have Collaboration Without Sacrifice

One of the ways we twist the meaning of collaboration is how we define sacrifice. If you’re on a project team and a specified material you are responsible for installing on the project is going to cost more than originally estimated, you ask the team to let you ‘slide’ and use an inferior material. This […]

If Business is 90% Sociology…

Why do we spend 90% of our time, talent and resources on technology and work process improvement? Imagine you’re the parent of a kindergartener and you’re looking at a rowdy muddle of children laughing and playing together. . . How did your 5 year-old learn to collaborate in the middle of all of that?  It’s […]