Team Collaboration Meter Exercise and Visual

Your Collaboration Climb I spoke with the president of a firm that was part of a team being recognized for exemplary collaboration on a project. I was calling him to know who from his firm would be representing them when the project was recognized at the award event. His reply with a sarcastic laugh; ‘there is […]

Top 3 Questions to Ask During a Strategy Implementation

Top 3 Questions to Ask During a Strategy ImplementationRecently, I led a strategy retreat for a client. I was forewarned that at past retreats there had been a lack of energy. Participants would become bogged-down and the focus of the retreat would stray to tangent topics of discussion. Before you knew it, the weekend was […]

The Value of “Un-Related” Past Experiences

I was listening to a priest speak at our church and he mentioned that whatever happens to a person, they still have value. Whether it’s an unborn child, a criminal that has committed a grave offense or an elderly person no longer able to care for themselves. Like a $50 bill, no matter what you […]