If The Little Things Aren’t First, Nothing Matters

Everyone can do the big things – behave nicely in public towards ones family and friends, be at meetings on time and go to church on Sunday. What about the little things in-between such as behaving nicely when someone doesn’t do what they’d said they would do or when herding the family into the minivan […]

Sensibility in Creating Accountability

I’ve been working on an issue with a client that reminds me of the fact that if we want change, we have to change the way we measure performance and start measuring for that change which makes sense. What happens if a colleague is asked to change and the way we measure their performance doesn’t […]

Find Someone Who Can Help to Build Your Strengths

My wife does a good job helping me build my strengths. Everyone has a family member, friend or work colleague who can be an ‘accountability partner’ to help them build theirs. You know you have an opportunity to build on a strength when your accountability partner says something that rubs you the wrong way. For […]

4 Hot Buttons That Cause Most Team Issues

1. Competence – is called into question.2. Acceptance – you don’t accept me.3. Control – over reaction to someone trying to control you.4. Survival – you think you can only depend on you and you have to do everything yourself.

Taking One Step Higher-Up Solving Team Issues Even with Added Complexity

In the previous blog posting to this one we chatted about how to constructively approach the behavior issue of two players on a football team running right when the coach asked the team to run left. Point #1 Assuming you are successful changing an existing behavior producing negative results for the team, like this one, […]

The Solution To A Problem is Usually One Step Higher-Up From Where You Think

If you were part of a football team and the coach told everyone to run right and two players ran left instead, how would you correct this if you’re the coach? First, the coach would have to look at him/her self. The non-compliant behavior of these two team members is being supported by something bigger […]

Reaching Higher with Your Tone

Most people can collaborate at a higher level just by adjusting their tone with the people closest to them. For example, one of my children just started middle school and the teacher’s expectations regarding homework are much higher than last year. The default parent response when the child doesn’t adjust their behavior successfully is to […]