List of Mishaps to Survive Climbing Everest and Collaboration Climbing

Everest – Avalanches– Falling Rocks– Whiteout– Severe Exhaustion/Dehydration– Lost Tents Collaboration– Pacing Change Correctly– Our own propensity to sabotage change, our direct reports’ resistance to change and senior management’s disruption of change– Reference points outside our organization and industry for continual improvement– Resolve– Commitment to collaboration systematized on paper; to work with it, improve it, […]

It Takes a Village to Get the ‘Pacing’ of Change Right

I’ve been working with a client recently who I’ve been playing tug-of-war with lately in regards to pacing their culture change to one of collaboration from command & control. I want to move as swiftly as possible to achieve the result the client wants and they want to move at a slower pace. Not to […]

What Does Mountaineering and Business Have in Common?

In mountaineering, team collaboration to accomplish your goal of reaching the summit is key. You can’t expend energy carrying or doing extra stuff and it’s the same in business. For example, a climber, whose role is to carry a book for the team will read the first few dozen pages of a book, rip them […]

Distinction – Relational Behavior vs. Operational Behavior

Rules of engagement for any group are important. It helps work get done. There is an important distinction to make to help rules of engagement work as you hope they will:Operational Rules of Engagement (head stuff – so you know what to do) Example – Decision Making – Owner of an issue checks with others (owners, […]

A Horse of a Different Color

Riding our talents and using them with skill is what we all strive to do. The irony is we’re told many times to rein-in our talents. In other words, pull-back on something we do really well. Doesn’t that sound wrong? In the journey of turning talents into strengths, you learn to gallop or run with […]

Freaky Fast Starts for Teams

While having lunch with a few colleagues, the topic of MBA programs came-up. The tradition nowadays is to break the class up into teams to simulate how many of the students will work once they graduate and join an organization. After year 1 was completed, the dean asked the students if they wanted to switch […]