What Do You Notice About People That Are Really Happy?

You notice the HEART of people that are really happy. We talk about winning hearts and then heads when we talk about collaboration. What do these statements have in common? Using your heart to collaborate produces the happiness or satisfaction we all want from our work.

Is The Call to Be Collaborative Irrevocable?

Here’s a few responses of several I could give: – People instinctively want to help, so yes it is irrevocable.– Ask one of your kids, nephews, nieces or neighbor kids if doing what’s in the best interest of the people or the project they’re working on is an option.

Leadership is Choosing a Direction

A direction could be collaboration. A leader may decide the organization needs a culture of collaboration, instead of say, a culture of command and control…. It’s up to the management team to decide what to do to take the organization in that direction and it’s up to the middle management to decide how to do […]

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength

I’m at a camp as a chaperon at a class retreat for my 8th grader. They’re doing a lot of experiential learning around asking for help and helping. It reminds you that people are not naturally wired to ask for help nor does our culture necessarily support the notion as something positive, but it is. […]