A goal + a new habit = progress towards goal

A goal – a new habit (behavior) = a dream A goal + a new habit (behavior) = progress towards goal or achievement of a goal Example: a client’s goal = turn his talent for winning hearts into a strength (talent + knowledge + practice = strength) A new set of habits would be becoming […]

Measuring Collaboration Through Functional Means

I had a chat with my chiropractor about how he measures improvement in his patients’ condition and he had an intriguing answer. He said he asks his patients what physical functions they can do that they couldn’t do before treatment. For example, a patient that couldn’t pick-up their child because of pain before their treatment […]

True Collaboration is not a Balance of Opposing Interests

It is not a lovely facade which conceals conflicts and divisions. Collaboration is a daily commitment, starting from the heart. Adapted excerpt from the Christmas day address of Pope Francis

It Takes Two to Collaborate

It takes operational AND relational collaboration to achieve the result of collaboration in our mind’s eye. Relational collaboration has a language all it’s own. The language revolves around how you make those feel that have to work with you. The language comes from using strength finders to align a team and then collaboration tools such […]

Idea on How to Leverage Strengths

There is no perfect combination of strengths for success.  Work with the strengths God gave you and you can succeed. My strengths are learner, achiever, self assurance, significance and focus. If you think about it, these strengths are good for an executive coach which is something I do well and focus on doing.  If you […]

Sustaining a Collaborative Culture

One of the things you can do is identify individuals after the formal introduction of collaboration into your organization that are especially interested and form what I call a ‘first follower’ group. I have a client who has a first follower group program that runs for six months at a time. There are 6-12 participants. […]

Physical or Operational Collaboration is not Complete w/o Spiritual Collaboration

Everything has a physical and a spiritual presence. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘their hearts just weren’t in it’? You have to have the complete package.