Inside Moves

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to carefully choose what I do, read, watch and think about. If I make it a priority to go to church with my kids at their school during the week, study my faith outside of just Sundays, watch clean shows on television and […]

How To Be Small So Others Can Be BIG

Step 1. – Good manners are unusual in our individualistic, hedonistic, minimalist secular culture. Start to behave in a way that feels ‘over polite’. No one will have a problem with it. You might start a ripple effect…. Step 2. – If you watch carefully, people don’t receive enough love and crave it. The best […]

Anger Alone is OK

How many times have you been frustrated or lost your temper and regretted the action you chose to take immediately afterwards? You know, the one you needed to apologize for later. The one that made you feel better for about 5 seconds and then you wished you could take it back. Anger alone is ok. […]

Responses When Someone Questions Your Credibility

For example, the industries where I have the deepest experience the last few years are commercial design, construction and healthcare. I’m not a content expert. I’m not an architect, engineer, general contractor or physician (although I’ve been told I could play one on television). What I can bring is process expertise in leadership, strategy and […]

Mentoring is About the Mentor, Coaching is About the Coachee

Mentoring is long-term, coaching is short-term. If mentoring is long-term, how could it be about the mentor? It’s about the mentor’s legacy. It’s long-term only because mentoring sessions only happen when the mentor can make the time (which is usually not very often). Mentoring is low on their list. On the other hand, coaching is […]

Opportunity to Laugh

Collaboration Today is Like Going Back to the Future

You’ve probably heard the term ‘master builder’. This role existed until about 100 years ago. The era of the master builder was characterized by integrated construction projects. The quality was great, the cost was low and there were no lawsuits. Today, that era is slowly returning with the help of increasing knowledge of how to […]

How Do ‘They’ Work

I was in a meeting yesterday and a contact at a client organization shared that they were asked by the president to check-in with a project team I’m working with on how to collaborate more to know ‘how it was going’. The project manager for the team replied to the contact that ‘he’s working with […]

Cooking-up Collaboration

  Have you ever experienced a major construction project on your home? I’ve heard many war stories, and the term ‘war story’ is usually appropriate. Why? Because relationships tend to suffer and in-turn so does the project budget, schedule and quality. Well, how about this for a story: my wife, Sally, and I are working […]

Changing Minds So People Can Collaborate More

During a recent chat, a colleague tugged on his left ear and then his right. He verbally emphasized that he works on the space between peoples’ ears. In other words, he works on changing peoples’ minds. I’ll give you my take on that… We are a ‘show me how’ culture and to change peoples’ minds, you have to […]