List of Collaboration Business Applications

Lists seem to be popular, so here it goes: running meetings resume refresh/job description language/hiring process team creation re-position a team member that’s not in the best role performance reviews

Powerful Question for Your Collaboration Journey

I had coffee with a colleague and a powerful question emerged – ‘what would life be like if all your teams collaborated effectively?’ Meaning, what if your kids behaved more? What if your work teams were more functional (than dysfunctional)? What if your volunteer time was more successfully used? Answering this question helps propel you […]

Language is a Powerful First Step in Collaborating More

Do you doubt the power of language? Consider this: in our culture war today there are three examples I can think of where language is used to change minds. I don’t agree with this language and I intentionally use it to make a point even though the examples are shocking. abortion = choice same-sex marriage […]

Does Collaboration Dwell Here?

What if a stranger walked in to your organization and asked ‘does collaboration dwell here?’ How would you answer? I’m sure you do the best you can. You talk about it with your people and you hold the line the best you can. If a camera followed you around your organization would there be compelling […]

What ‘Brain-Interconnectedness’ Has to do with Collaboration

In my research on ‘how to collaborate more’ I’ve spent time thinking about how neuroscience, specifically social neuroscience impacts collaboration. Social neuroscience is the study of what happens in the brain when people interact (connect). What social neuroscience refers to as mirror neurons, spindle cells and oscillators and what they do when people interact (connect) […]

Collaboration FORM & ACE

Meaningful conversation in business settings is usually difficult to create e.g. ‘whew, is it hot outside’ or ‘did the hometown team win last night.’ BORING! I’ve used the acronyms ‘FORM’ and ‘ACE’ over the years to create meaningful conversation. F – family/friends – what do you like to do with your family when not working? […]

Difficult Collaborative Territory

I just received some news that compelled me to write this post. One of my daughters is about to graduate from 8th grade and the school she has been at for 10 years (St. Monica Catholic School). The mother of one of her classmates was diagnosed with cancer last week and today, a week later, […]

Special Bulletin: People Become Nicer as They Get Older

There is an article in the Wall Street Journal today that shares the fact that major life events such as marriage and career advancement makes us nicer people. I think we act nice – like sharing your lunch with others, up until about age 5 and then competition enters our lives. We stop sharing… Towards […]