Collaboration Doesn’t Happen with a ‘Bang’

Creating new habits takes time, even when you know it is a good idea. A year ago we bought a new Honda minivan and it came with a ‘cool box’ to keep items refrigerated when traveling. A year later, we’ve just noticed that we finally have the hang of intentionally using it during our trip […]

World Cup Soccer Metaphor for World-Class Collaboration

There was an article at that ranked the quality of all 62 World Cup games played up to the finals – . What defines a ‘one of the best soccer games I ever watched’ realization? Here is a defining criteria that is a metaphor for world-class collaboration (or lack thereof) in business: The greater […]

How is the Bible Relevant to Life in 2014?

Collaboration is a very popular concept right now. If you dig into it, collaboration is biblical principles applied to life in 2014. There is nothing new under the sun….

Is helping those that need your help instead of helping those that can help you eternal or temporal collaboration?

Most people will answer that helping those that need your help is eternal, but my question is why? My feeling is most people answer it is eternal because it is what they have been taught. Their parents formed it their minds… Most people don’t practice what they believe in their minds because their parents didn’t […]

Is Your Collaboration Burden Heavy or Light?

If you think of collaboration in an eternal sense, it is light (both literally and figuratively). If you think of it in a temporal sense, it can be extraordinarily heavy. What is eternal? The impact you make on others and in turn the project or organization that lives on through them after you are gone. […]

How to Collaborate One Hour at a Time

Keeping focus on collaborating all day everyday is a tall order if we look at the challenge head-on. Instead, what if we looked at it differently – collaborating to the best of our ability one hour at a time? In addition, we tie a cause to it. For example, we offer-up the next hour of […]