Establishing Rhythms are Key to Collaboration Growth & Measurement

People resonate with rhythms. Sorry, I couldn’t resist… What is a rhythm? In business, it’s a confident feeling created by a group of habits called a routine and the routine is repeated frequently enough to track on a work calendar. A business rhythm could be created by a Monday morning business development meeting. The routine […]

The 8th ‘Waste’ in LEAN is Wasted Talent

LEAN is the set of principles used to remove waste from work processes first created by Toyota in the manufacturing of automobiles. LEAN suggests there are ‘7 wastes’ and recently an 8th waste to remove from work processes. It is the ‘waste of talent’ or non-utilized talent, knowledge and skill. An example of wasted talent […]

Traits of a Transformational Leader

I was at the Lean Construction Conference last week in San Francisco and this topic came-up. When it comes to creating a culture of effective collaboration, use this definition of transformation and develop these traits… Transformational Leadership is leading an organization in a direction e.g. ‘we’re going this way!’. Traits: – resilience – prepared for […]