Common Sense and Uncommon Leadership

Keep your ego in-check, and stay sensitive to other’s needs. Surround yourself with people that are better than you in certain areas.

I wish for you surprises, turbulence and tough questions…

It’s being part of a tribe. People do things because they want to follow you, not because you tell them to follow you because you are the boss.

How to Catch the CEO’s Eye

Don’t worry about having an MBA. Look for an issue and solve it. THAT catches the CEO’s eye!

How to Construct a Story

Remember that a story has a ‘beginning, middle and an end’. Pick your topic, tell a story, make your point and keep it short.

Being vs. Doing

Be a human being, not a human doing, which means you have to stop busy-ness. A human being focuses on being 24/7. It is an experience. This experience naturally leads to more collaborative behavior…    

Prepare the student for the path, not the path for the student…

What do Clients Want Most?

The answer is TRUST. Clients will give you a certain amount of trust at the beginning of a relationship because they have to in order to begin working. How do you build trust to give clients more of what they want? If you demonstrate your ability to collaborate (action verb), one output is increased trust […]