Dumbbell Collaboration

This Harvard Business Review article is an example of a niche consulting firm creating collaboration between donors and nonprofit organizations. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6018753669376339971?trk=groups-post-b-title It is a metaphor for helping subject experts on collaboration and healthcare and commercial construction leadership buy-in to the idea of participating in a community to ask and answer questions and share knowledge. The experts […]

Collaboration is not instinctive. Should you acquire knowledge and skills to make it instinctive?

Skillful use of English is now the global standard to be employable. Could you make a case that it will soon be the case for collaborative skills and behavior? Here is a recent Wall Street Journal article that sparked this thought. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6017017843831300098?trk=groups-post-b-title

What Good is More Communication if You Don’t Know How to Effectively?

Have you ever been told ‘you have to communicate more and/or effectively if you want to improve’? What about ‘if you communicate more and/or effectively, most of your issues will go away’? Collaboration boils down to communicating more and effectively and the output or result is increased trust. Here’s a helpful metaphor – according to a recent […]