Collaboration Is ‘Perfect Effort’, Not Perfection

My oldest child is entering her sophomore year in high school and she’s on the golf team. I realize that I don’t have too many opportunities left to spend large chunks of time with her before she ventures-out to create a life of her own. I’ve decided to take some golf lessons to create opportunities […]

I Like Who I am When I’m Collaborating…

I heard a story this weekend about a group of high school students that went to the Texas/Mexico border for a mission trip. The high school students worked hard in the hot weather repairing roofs, digging wells and teaching. More than one of them was overheard saying ‘I like who I am on mission’. What […]

HOW You Collaborate – ‘It’s all about the packaging’

I’ve shared before that collaboration is increased communication. Equally important is HOW you communicate or ‘package’ your communication during your attempt to collaborate. What I mean is – how good are you at being who you are? Huh? I believe we are built for kindness. That’s who we are. For example, if we are not […]

Dumbbell Collaboration

Here’s a recent posting I made on the Collaboration Academy website. What would help this come together? What hinders it right now?

Awareness of When Your Talent/Strength Turns into a Weakness

Last Thursday, the project team members that had finished their part of the project came for their last weekly team huddle. We went around the room and each team member had the opportunity to share a final ‘highlight and/or hitch’ – something that had gone well during the project so far and/or something that hadn’t. […]