Here’s Some Drano for Behaviors that Clog Collaboration

Great tool and case study for ‘how’ to increase collaboration – . What are the roadblocks to using this tool in your organization? What tools have you seen that work?  

Empathetically Challenged? Use This…

Empathy: understanding another person’s perspective, is not one of my talents. I have to work at being empathetic – it takes effort. What helps me understand another person’s perspective, especially when I know it’s much different from mine is comparing the perspectives of the antelope and the lion. Here’s how the story goes – the […]

Extreme Case Study – Implications of Collaboration

Think about the tangible and intangible costs of this project story posted on the Collaboration Academy Linked-In group – . How long is the list of primary, secondary and tertiary implications – in other words, the ripple effect of this project on the construction industry?      

Template for Collaborating ‘In the Moment’ and Exercise #10 of 25+

In the heat of the moment, how do you stay collaborative? Especially when your money or pride is at stake? The ‘how’ is to stay cool, but ‘how’ do you do that specifically? 1. Empty yourself of pride. 2. Smile, at least with your eyes… You have a better shot at staying collaborative if you […]

Temporal or Legacy? Which Do You Prefer?

Money, Power and Reputation are temporal or temporary in their value. I saw an ‘estate sale’ sign in front of a mansion today. There were cars lining the street and many bargain hunters and curiosity seekers coming and going to and from this very large house. The person that owned the house had died and […]