Wisdom – Words Teach and Actions Speak

Words transfer knowledge of a desired behavior. Actions change behavior. This is missed by many leaders. If the desired behavior the leader teaches with words and wants to see modeled isn’t modeled by the leader’s actions first (because they are too busy), the organization’s behavior does not change. The mistakes many leaders make is not […]

Selfish, Good Intentions, Struggling or Leader?

From a client meeting this morning – yes, at 7 a.m. on a Monday, I have a nugget to share. Which one of these types of people is the most pervasive in the leadership roles of organizations? Someone who is selfish and does not grow their people because they do not want to lose them. […]

What We Learned is Wrong, Leadership is Scheduled

Leaders are ultimately measured by how well they are able to draw the excellence out of their people. As a leader, what can you do? Schedule time to draw out their excellence by forming them… What is formation? It’s fashioning another person in a particular way. When you schedule time to form your people, the only rule is to avoid […]