Here’s an example of a 90 day strategy advisory project to find a solution to a client’s challenge.


The CEO wanted to invest in a strategy program to create additional options for himself on what to do to avoid being a deal flow bottleneck and attract investors that fit his organization’s “WHY’ – why they exist – Make a contribution to society through a community of like-minded folks energized by achieving ‘what can be’, their principles and values.


Avoid being a deal flow bottleneck and attract investors that fit the organization’s “WHY’, principles and values.

Agreed Upon Measures of Success

– Capture CEO’s recipe for success in a book outline format. The working title was XXX. The premise was ZZZ.

– CEO co-created ground rules with his team to help them fit together better and minimize bottleneck situations.

– CEO made noticeable, behavioral progress on turning his talents strengths based on observation and tracking with a Pride Curve tool.


Increased satisfaction and transformation into a more collaborative and savvy leader.


– Unlimited access to Darren and materials via telephone or email during the engagement period. Response time – within 1 day.

– Research – surveying, interviewing and analysis.

– Strengths assessment, feedback and license for CEO’s organization to use all of Cima’s intellectual property.

– Strategy advisory program: Semi-monthly work sessions alternating between drawing out the content for the book proposal and executive coaching.

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