A Significant Leader Does WHAT They Do Because of WHO They Are

You can’t achieve your purpose, in other words, your optimal results, without knowing WHO you are first.

It’s interesting, most of us don’t know WHO we are. WHO incorporates 2 questions – WHAT & WHY.

WHAT we’re doing or performance, is what I call the ‘mind’. WHY we’re doing it or why we’re here is what I call the ‘heart’. When we know WHO we are, we know our identity.

Besides income or providing for your family, if someone asks you WHY you do what you do, how do you answer? Please don’t stop with an answer like ‘I love what I do’.

Ask yourself WHY 5 times to get clear on your WHY. For example, why do I love what I do? I love what I do because I get to use all of my talents. Ask WHY 3 more times and then clearly form your WHY with your answers.

So to do better,

you have to know WHO you are,

so you can do better being WHO you are



Would people say you’re a significant leader? Most respond, ‘I don’t know’.

Not discounting other professional development investments you’ve made in yourself, becoming a significant leader helps you do all those other things better.

Here’s how to answer ‘yes’ – http://www.cimastrategic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/CimaPerceivedPowerToSignificantLeadership.pdf

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