Darren’s Bio

Darren is a strategy advisor and collaboration expert.

Darren’s BIG WHY

To help leaders move-up from confidence in themselves to conviction about using their hearts to collaborate.

What does he do?

Darren helps clients answer the question – what would life be like if all their teams collaborated effectively?

Who does he do it for?

Darren successfully works with CEOs between 40 and 50 years old, at least in mindset. In other words, they’re still ‘learners’. Darren’s deepest experience is in commercial construction, healthcare, technology, finance and energy in Texas.

How does he do it?

Darren shows CEOs how to win hearts, not just minds because you have to have both to collaborate.  You might be thinking, collaborate to do what? Here are a few examples of issues solved:

  • baseless decision making
  • lack of accountability on strategy implementation
  • character issues in senior leadership
  • motivating others successfully
  • nimble measurement of organizational performance

Darren’s done over 100 of these types of projects and looks forward to sharing stories with you and references when appropriate.

Lastly, Darren is married and he and his wife can successfully field a basketball team. Darren has five children.

If you email Darren at darrensmith@cimastrategic.com he will cheerfully send you two steps to consider in regards to winning hearts.

Want to know Darren more?

Listen to his latest radio interview.