“Darren uniquely helps you strengthen your very core as a leader” – Mike D., CEO

“Darren helped me make the choice to be great at WHO I am and do what we all talk about – do things that take us towards our purpose & the profit will come.” – Curtis H., SVP


Darren’s BIG WHY

To create excellence in business leadership.

What does he do?

Darren helps CEOs connect their strategy & culture to achieve significant goals. He is an expert in strategy implementation, an advisor and professional speaker.

Who does he do it for?

Darren’s deepest experience is in commercial construction, healthcare, technology, finance and energy in Texas.

Clients enjoy:

Consistency in implementing their business strategy and only doing things that take them towards their purpose. This leads to increased trust in the organization by team members and customers – the byproduct being increased, critical, organizational speed.

– Re-energized business development focus leading to client’s best year ever. Client can now more fully communicate the company’s unique value, which is the one or two things they do with excellence. This is what the customer is actually buying.

– Successfully attracting team members who are a tighter fit by showing them up-front on paper WHO the company is, with confidence, and only hiring those attracted to it. This increases the chance new team members can help take the company where it wants to go.

Want to know more?

Listen to Darren’s latest radio interview.

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