High strategy (mind), low culture (heart) is where most organizations live – quadrant 3 or the lower right in the Business Leadership Excellence 2×2.

What happens when you have high strategy and low culture? You have spiritless results


You make lots of money and culture is a non-factor. It doesn’t affect your team members’ ability to show-up, but they don’t necessarily want to be there (unless you’re the owner or CEO). A question for the owner or CEO to consider – how can it not affect productivity?

Why do you think an organization may be sitting in the lower right? I would suspect it’s from lack of awareness that culture drives performance.

If you’re open to the idea that you’d make more money in quadrant 4, the upper right, than the lower right, here is 1 of 4 ways to add culture to enhance strategy execution and move towards the upper right.

Number 1 of 4 ways – position your organization’s WHY or purpose for existing as the first item, on the first page of your strategic plan.

Everything that follows your purpose in your strategic plan must help your organization stay on-purpose. If it hinders it, don’t include it.

My WHY or purpose? I show proven leaders, who are introspective, and committed to excellence, how to capture who they are, and most importantly, capitalize on it.

My mission? To catalyze great strategy execution in every organization.

How? Strategy advisory programs, the Significant Leadership Program, Attollo business peer-to-peer advisory groups & professional speaking (keynotes, workshops).

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