At many elementary schools nowadays, the staff pair older students with younger students to strengthen the support system for the younger students and spark the older students’ motivation to build their own character and be a role model.

What do most organizations do? They create mentoring programs that start off well, but soon fizzle. Why? The focus is on the mentee.

How do you make your mentor program sizzle instead?

Change the language, to change the focus and move from ‘fizzle’ to ‘sizzle’. Ask your leaders and high potential team members if they are Significant Role Models. They will usually say ‘no’ and then you challenge them to become one by being a mentor. Being a mentor then takes on a new level of significance in the organization.

Secondly, to grow and sustain your mentor program, invest 30 minutes per month forming your leaders and high potential team members into Significant Role Models. The focus is on the mentor now.

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