I dropped-off our babysitter at her apartment a few days ago and the thoughts she created are still with me.

The babysitter’s name is Rosa. She is our 75 year-old former nanny. On the drive to her apartment (Rosa does not own a car) she updated me on what she had been doing the last week. Besides working for a new family full-time caring for their three-year-old and cleaning their house, she was taking an online computer course through the local community college, delivering Spanish classes to three different students at the nearby Barnes & Noble bookstore on Saturdays (she only takes up to three students at a time and I cannot remember the last time she had an open slot) and on Sundays she ushers at St. Rita Catholic Church. In her spare time she babysits or helps whoever needs an extra set of hands.

Needless to say Rosa chooses not to have any disabilities (even when asked to babysit 8 children under the age of 10 years-old – our five children and my wife’s sister’s three children)! 

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