If you’re a college football fan, you probably noticed Texas A&M;’s dramatic turnaround this year under first-year coach, Kevin Sumlin.

The football team has a proud tradition, but really hasn’t been good for more than a decade. None of the players on the current team were probably old enough to remember the last time the team was competitive at the highest level.

Coach Sumlin pointed to their 2012 schedule of games and told the players they could beat everyone on it. Also, he asked them to believe his claim without proof, because there was none. Was it possible? Yes. Was it something they had the talent to do? Yes. Did they want to do it? Yes. Well then, was it that big a stretch to win all their games? No. They ended the season 11-2 from 7-6 a year ago.

We have permission to ask others to believe without proof from time to time. When would it be useful to use this powerful question?

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