A New Word to Add to Your Collaboration Vocabulary

Munificent – very generous or characterized by great generosity.  

The Collaboration Bar is THIS HIGH

How do you know when you’ve reached the summit of collaboration? Excellent collaboration must redistribute the wealth of knowledge and capability from the richer collaborators among us to the poorer – that want it. Excellent collaboration is by definition redistributional. In other words, those of us that are collaborating effectively should share our knowledge and […]

Would Your Parents be Well Pleased?

The bar has just been raised! Let me explain… We think when things are going well and we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing that we can kick-back, relax and enjoy the ride. WRONG. If your parents were asked, would they say they were well pleased with you? There are people on either side […]

Loaves & Fishes, Talents and Quotes of Saints…

One person can do a lot if they know what they have and they use it skillfully… Please consider these three related thoughts in light of the statement above. 1. I was in Mass at Cistercian yesterday, the school where my oldest son attends. Monks run the school and the boys go to Mass every […]

Tip on avoiding bigger ‘ice cream headaches’

When was the last time you had an ‘ice cream headache’? Was it actually eating ice cream or dealing with a team issue? As you move-up in your leadership effectiveness, the ice cream headaches are bigger. The only way to ‘melt’ them away, sometimes completely, is to have conviction about using your heart to collaborate. […]

Guard Against the ‘Collaboration of Ease’

If you ask, who, in their own minds, doesn’t think they’re collaborative? The question is not worth the breath needed to ask it. Here is the thinking behind ‘collaboration of ease’ that lulls us into thinking we are… Collaboration of ease – ‘ I collaborate when I can and I’m ok as long as no […]

An Often Overlooked Application of the 80/20 Principle

Many people are familiar with the principle – a small number of causes are responsible for a majority of the effects in the world.¬†For example, 10% of the music ever recorded is played on the radio 90% of the time… A popular use of the principle is in business development – 10%, 20% or maybe […]

Big Time Waster – Working on Weaknesses… Know Your Talents and Work on Applying Them

Here are my top 5 talents: Learner – continuous improvement is a way of life Achiever – excited by mountains to scale and horizons to reach Self-Assurance – resilient and bounces-back quickly Focus – can quickly break-down projects into their component pieces and help others manage them more effectively Significance – tirelessly pursue personal excellence […]

How is God Working in Your Life?

All of us have the potential to be saints. This should be our goal. Start building who God wants you to be. There is an AM/PM exercise I suggest for establishing new habits. You set a goal for the formation of a new habit first thing in the morning and you reflect on how well […]

Ask for Feedback to Check for Understanding

The Client Feedback Tool is the listening channel to create conversations and strengthen relationships. Check it out at www.clientfeedbacktool.com .  

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