Collaboration From An Owners Perspective – The Alta Vista Project – View #1

View #1 – We Don’t Need Perfection, Only Success AND Satisfaction. The residential construction market in Dallas is strong today. Most capable contractors have as much work as they can possibly handle. Also, I’m not a serial builder like a hospital or a commercial building developer. I’m renovating and adding-on to a home. Everyone knows […]

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #4 of 25+

How to Answer The Call to Collaborate – Creating Ground Rules There are 5 bases to cover to collaborate effectively. You have to start by doing your own work by creating ground rules. Down the road we’ll chat about creating rules of engagement. Please read this article and use this example of ground rules to […]

Collaboration – Operational & Relational Metrics Lines Blur

My question is – what if in the pre-construction phase of a project only, we measured a few of the basic operational metrics such as clarity of project objectives and schedule AND added a few relational metrics such as ‘unsolicited offers to help’ and regular use of collaborative tools such as the relationship placemat? What […]

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #3 of 25+

What You Do Outside of Formal Collaboration Training Is Key This thought is similar to practicing piano. My kids have one, 30 minute lesson each week. If they don’t practice in-between lessons, progress is slow and engagement eventually suffers because of a lack of sufficient progress. Hence, there is a danger of a downward spiral […]

Why Does Supply Chain Collaboration Matter?

Please share your reaction to why supply collaboration matters! Your ideas are needed. Join the Linked-In Collaboration Academy discussion here  

This Has Nothing to do with Collaboration… Or Does it?

This should be required reading for non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Very well done…. From the Wall Street Journal today –  

How could collaboration become a ‘management science’ or a distinct body of knowledge like law or psychology?

I found this today – debuting this year at the Cobb Galleria Center, Atlanta, Ga., USA November 2-4, 2015, Collaborative Age Forum and Expo is the world’s first large-scale conference and trade show dedicated the management science and enabling technologies of collaboration across sectors, industries, and geographies. Read more about this organization here –

Collaboration’s value increases when part of a process

I ran across the following quote – ‘Collaborative applications are increasingly becoming part of a process and creating greater value. I looked at the processes that have collaborative leverage. “Collaborative Leverage” is a concept developed by my company, Collaborative Strategies, Inc., which looks at optimum performance in a process that utilizes some aspect of collaboration. […]

SkillfullyUsingYourTalentsToCollaborateEffectively – Exercise #2 of 25+

What Specific Activities Help You Develop World-Class Strength? There is one sure exercise to build your talents into strengths – step-back and watch yourself. Here’s what I mean – to turn your talents into strengths you have to identify activities that help you ‘do that’. Try an activity that will help you turn one of […]

Forced collaboration is Not Attractive…

Forced collaboration is not a whole lot more attractive than forced anything else. Especially when the clarity about what is or is not open for dialogue is missing or murky. As leaders, hiding behind a “we” that doesn’t fully exist, without claiming what we know to be true: that the vision of the organization is […]

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