How Great Will Your Grandchildren Become?

My wife and I have 5 children – the oldest is a college freshman and the youngest in 4th grade. Recently, someone asked me if I thought we’re raising our children well. Using borrowed wisdom, my reply was ‘I’ll let you know when I see how great our grandchildren become’. What’s the point of this […]

Darren’s definition of Significant Leadership

Darren’s DEFINITION of SIGNIFICANT LEADERSHIP You have urgency to do great things, know how to make a difference, and change the game. Learn how… Herb Kelleher, Founder, Southwest Airlines

Keep it Simple to Optimize Results

Last night at the dinner table one of my children made a negative comment towards their sibling. On another occasion, I gave an instruction to one of my children undermining what my wife had instructed them to do earlier. It’s not any different in organizations. Last week while working with a client, one senior leader […]

Guess What? You’re Fired!

Have you ever lost a business opportunity and thought to yourself, ‘If they only knew WHO I was. If they only knew what they were missing”. . . Well, I have. I was in my opinion, ‘it’. I was THE guy, but I didn’t know who I was. It was 1994, and at the age […]

Why Being Good Beats Bad Everytime

In business, good or bad behavior hinges on two things: decision making and how you use money. Being good is being value-driven. In other words, you ask, “How can I bring 100K of value to my client?” Being bad is being money-driven or “How can I make 100K from my client?” Do you agree or […]

Get a Life. Do You Have One?

Get a Life. Do You Have One? My colleague, Alan Weiss wrote recently on allowing the trivial many things in our lives to get in the way of the vital ‘one thing’ we should be doing or our purpose. Our life is our purpose. Everything we do, including how we do it (attitude) should help […]

Why Leadership is For The Many, Not Few?

Even if you flip burgers in a restaurant, you can be a leader… Who REALLY believes that? I didn’t , but I do now.   Why? LEADERSHIP IS MORE THAN THE SUBSTANCE OF YOUR WORK – flipping burgers, being a CEO or even a shift manager. Leadership is 1. connecting your work with your purpose, […]

What Does ‘Nice’ Mean, Anyway?

HOW TO BECOME A GREAT CONVERSATIONALIST My sons take Latin at school and in a recent conversation, I learned from them that the meaning of the word ‘nice’ in Latin means ‘nothing’. So what? Here’s the point – what do most people do? Use ‘nice’ as a polite/likable way to fill the silence – when […]

Ditch This Phrase – ‘No Problem’

When I was a younger professional, a more experienced colleague once heard me use the phrase ‘NO PROBLEM’ in response to another colleague thanking me for staying up half the night to finish a project for them. She suggested I avoid using those words because it devalued my time and talent. Instead, she suggested, I […]

How to Connect Your Identity & Performance

Last week I shared the Leadership 2.0 Loop. You ‘get in the loop’ by doing 1 thing to connect your identity & performance. What’s the ‘1 thing’ to do to connect your identity and day to day performance for optimal results? This is the 1 thing you can do this week by yourself – create […]