One of our summertime rituals is our kids’ participation with the neighborhood swim team – practice every morning and swim meets on Thursday nights… The title of a recent Seth Godin post reminded me of something we’ve all learned when swimming, and it applies to our lives, DON’T PEE IN THE POOL. What I mean […]

Low Strategy, Low Culture

LOW STRATEGY, LOW CULTURE Can a company start in the lower left quadrant? No. But companies can fall there and disappear. If you’re in the upper left quadrant (low strategy, high culture) or lower right (high strategy, low culture), your organization is exposed to unnecessary risk. You’re just a step away from low strategy, low […]

Business Leadership Excellence 2×2

This is the Business Leadership Excellence 2×2. If we take the mind, which is the WHAT on the x-axis and the heart, which is the WHY on the y-axis, we’re able to create a quad chart. We want to get to the upper right quadrant which is high mind – we know WHAT we’re doing […]

Reverse Course! RESULTS Create Engagement

I worked with a successful healthcare client recently on using culture to enhance execution of strategy to optimize results. They had disagreement on 1. direction of the organization and 2. ownership – that had slowed the organization. What most leadership teams do is focus on thorny issues like these without first laying ground work to […]

Would You Raise Your Hand?

Imagine a room full of people that know you from different facets of your life – as a husband/wife, father/mother, friend, business colleague, community member, and person of faith. If I asked this room full of people to raise their hands if they thought you are excellent in the facet(s) they know you, how many […]

WHO We Are = WHAT We’re Doing + WHY We’re Doing It

It’s interesting, most of us don’t know WHO we are. Who incorporates 2 questions – WHAT & WHY. What we’re doing or performance is what we call the ‘mind’. Why we’re doing it or why we’re here is what we call the ‘heart’. When we know who we are, we know our IDENTITY. Finally, if […]

How Great Will Your Grandchildren Become?

My wife and I have 5 children – the oldest is a college freshman and the youngest in 4th grade. Recently, someone asked me if I thought we’re raising our children well. Using borrowed wisdom, my reply was ‘I’ll let you know when I see how great our grandchildren become’. What’s the point of this […]

Darren’s definition of Significant Leadership

Darren’s DEFINITION of SIGNIFICANT LEADERSHIP You have urgency to do great things, know how to make a difference, and change the game. Learn how… Herb Kelleher, Founder, Southwest Airlines

Keep it Simple to Optimize Results

Last night at the dinner table one of my children made a negative comment towards their sibling. On another occasion, I gave an instruction to one of my children undermining what my wife had instructed them to do earlier. It’s not any different in organizations. Last week while working with a client, one senior leader […]

Guess What? You’re Fired!

Have you ever lost a business opportunity and thought to yourself, ‘If they only knew WHO I was. If they only knew what they were missing”. . . Well, I have. I was in my opinion, ‘it’. I was THE guy, but I didn’t know who I was. It was 1994, and at the age […]