The Masters of Collaboration

I recently lead a Collaboration Leadership Lab and made a discovery…. After the Lab participants and I spent the whole day working on collaboration, we went to a dinner called “Cooking-up Collaboration” to complete the learning for the day. The objective of the dinner was to experience collaboration while preparing the meal we were to […]

Remember What It’s Like to be a Doer

If it’s been a long time since you did the job that your team members do and things don’t feel as “tight running” as they should, maybe you should re-engage as a doer for a while to observe, notice and discover how to tighten-things up again. Maybe just the fact you rolled your sleeves up […]

Why We’re Not “Built” for Collaboration

If our eyes are not up and we’re not looking around us it’s difficult to collaborate. It’s sort of like running a race while hopping on one leg. In soccer, a key behavior is keeping your eyes up so you know where to run with or without the ball (as well as where the options […]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

In 13 years of marriage, I can say my wife and I have only had two “real arguments.” On the other hand, we average a a “dust-up” or two a year. We had a dust-up recently and a few days later, I noticed my 9 year old son talking in a loud, disrespectful tone to […]

More Thoughts on “There’s Nothing New Under the Sun”

I had a conversation today with two different people in their seventies. They’ve seen a lot in their lifetimes. Observations: Every decade, the people living at that time believe the current political situation is the worst ever Every decade, the people over 40 years old believe the young people have it wrong (and vice versa) […]

MUCH Easier Said Than Done: Saying Good Bye

I played my last soccer game last night. It was the semi-final of the North Texas Premier Soccer Association “Over 40A” division spring season playoffs. I’ve been talking with my wife about “retiring” for several years and sharing a hobby like tennis. I realized last night that while I still have a few years left […]

The Adult Learning Model is Good to Keep in Mind

Adults learn different from children. Here’s the model: Deliver content to the audience Facilitate question & answer discussion with audience Form breakout groups to practice using what was learned Elicit takeaways from the audience participants and make a “call to action” There are many variations on this model such as adding a “hot seat” for […]

What Was Learned from 40 Years of Soccer?

I’ve played and coached soccer for 40 years and I still miss opportunities. Another dad “joined the coaching staff” this past spring for the 9 year old boys team I’m coaching and he shared a gem at halftime of a game – “we lost the first half, now let’s win the second half.” What a […]

How Grade School Kids Dig-Out of a Ditch

As young kids we’re taught to “care and to share.” When we feel like we’re “in a ditch,” because no one seems to care or share with us, the quickest way-out is to care and share even MORE. It’s not “give first to get,” it’s give and then give MORE (like a two-stage booster rocket […]

Self-Confidence Upended: Have Confidence in Collaboration

Recently, I experienced the honor of being with my grandfather until his last breathes. It reminded me that the only artifacts we leave behind are those created by our behavior while alive. Not only lofty artifacts such as books, speeches and perhaps buildings, but also humbly, a positive imprint on our industry, colleagues or well-adjusted […]

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