How Big is Your Question Vault?

In business, what if you had a question vault equivalent to Bob Hope’s joke vault?To comedians, jokes, stories and quotes are valuable and worth protecting and preserving. Bob Hope was arguably the most successful comedian that ever lived. Over the years Bob Hope employed dozens of writers to create material, including jokes to use in […]

Business Writing – The Most Important Point

The most important point of business writing (letter, memo, blog, publication article, etc…) is to be read by the reader, so make it engaging. Pearls of wisdom from a colleague of mine – Sally Strackbein. 1. pick one topic 2. tell a story related to the topic 3. make your point 4. make it short Common sense stuff that’s […]

What you want vs. what you need

Bonds backed by student loans aren’t selling. The ones that ARE selling are the ones where the gap between tuition costs and wages earned after graduation are widest (return on investment). Theat means don’t go to law school or private schools right now. It means more practical investments like certificate programs and very specialized conferences or […]

Not Pefection, Additional Success

Leadership is being 80% sure and moving forward. Almost any strategy will work for you. Its the execution that counts. In business development it is consistently doing outbound marketing at some level everyday. Collaborative coaching is the norm, directive coaching, like football coaching is the exception.

Timing – It’s Now or Never

Every four years or so the grade school calendar and Christmas allow for about 10 days of Christmas vacation before Christmas Day. My wife and I decided to “go for it” and packed-up in the minivan with our five kids and drove to Disney World to enjoy the parks at a special time of year when they are […]

Successfully Integrating Gen-Y and Millennials into Your Organization

Constructech Magazine, September 2011 Successfully Integrating Gen-Y and Millennials into Your Organization by Choosing Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) as Your Culture By Darren Smith We’ve all heard it from our colleagues. “Those recent college graduates expect to be given a shot at the CEO’s chair within five years. Gen Y and Millennial team members think […]

Value of Permanent Behavior Change

It takes up to a year for an adult to make a permanent behavior change. I support collaborative project teams by helping them replenish the well of resolve they draw from to keep collaborating over many months filled with challenging situations that sap their resolve. I also help them with their collaborative awareness, values, skills and […]

We Can’t See the Collaborative Forest for the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Trees

As seen on, October 2011Written by Darren Smith, CEO, Cima Strategic Services Has someone, acting as both judge & jury, ever proceeded to sentence you to the island of “You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About?” A colleague tried this on me recently. My colleague thought he knew enough about IPD to certify (figuratively […]

College Sports and Thought Leadership

If you want a model on how to become a thought leader faster, look at the Creighton University. They have 4,000 undergraduate students and no sports tradition and they want one. If they decided they wanted to compete in football at the national championship level, they’d have to fight their way through 112 other schools that include […]

Accept the Circumstances You Find Yourself in and Picture Yourself Winning the Race

I spend a lot of time with senior executives and over the last several years there is something I’ve observed. When they find themselves in challenging circumstances, they tend to look around themselves – “do we have the right people” or “what if we were better capitalized” or “we need to improve our processes.” What […]

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