Just Because You Played, Doesn’t Mean You’ll be a Good Coach

Mark Twain once said; “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does seem to rhyme a lot.” We’ve all seen the great player that fails spectacularly as a coach or the ultimate assistant coach that is elevated to incompetency as a head coach. Just because someone is technically competent and/or has been with your organization […]

A Question Tool for Difficult Decisions

Why you?Why now?Why in this manner?Is doing nothing an option?If this decision is extraordinarily successful, what will happen?

Is There a Personal and a Work “Big Why”?

No. You only have one life. Your life. We spend a lot of time engaged in work-related activities. Why a separate “Big Why” for personal life and work life? Simple is beautiful. Besides, why risk misalignment with yourself?

“Big Why” vs. “Little Why”

My grade school sports coaches are forever etched in my memory. They made an impression on me I remember to this day. Why? Not because they were exceptional strategists that helped guide me to superstar status, but because of “why” they were coaching. Looking back, they were coaching back then because they believed in the […]

Is This Great or What?

Shamefully, I remember a movie from my teenage years called “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” In a scene from that movie, one of the main characters – “Demone,” shared one of his attitudes on life. He stated: “act like wherever you are, THATS the place to be.” To accentuate his point, at that moment, he […]

Implementation, Implementation, Implementation of Collaboration

It’s summertime and our 5 young kids are out of school. It’s only week one and yes, the behavioral flare-ups of hot, tired, irritable children have already begun. I share with them they have to practice being caring to one another, but they might be thinking “how do you do that?” or in reference to […]

Do You Know Where the Target is? (3 of 3)

Step 3. Make your call to action with the client When you feel you know where the target is (what the client is personally, really buying), do what Avis did so successfully in the 1970’s and what Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway still does today on the first page of their annual report – admit a […]

Do You Know Where the Target is? (2 of 3)

To get to a decision faster, we have to know where the client’s “target” is. 3 steps to illuminate the target: Step 2. Draw-out, at the appropriate time, “why?” What’s the client’s personal, big picture “why” for doing what they are doing? Avoid confusing this with the organization’s mission or vision statement. The client’s personal, big […]

Do You Know Where the Target is? (1 of 3)

To get to a decision faster, we have to know where the client’s “target” is. 3 steps to illuminate the target: Step 1. Find answers to the following questions: What are the client organization’s prioritized objectives and values (if they write these or you print them from their website for reference during your visit it’s […]

Why Do You Think It’s All About You?

I shared this recently with a group that I am involved with as a participant. Like many groups, participation starts strong and can wane, which occurs when people only consider themselves…. Also, over time, we tend to lose perspective on what exactly the time commitment is and when we regain it, it increases our resolution […]

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