Who’s Collaborative? The One Who’s Given Everything They Can…

Here is a story I heard recently that helps make a point about how to manage expectations around collaboration when you have a team with varying levels of skill, ability and commitment… It was Christmas time and a little girl shared with her older brother that she had $9.11 and she was going to buy […]

Collaboration Quick Hit #2

This may be my last shot at writing poetry – Near indeed is innovation to those who collaborate… It seems every time you read something about ‘innovation’, the word collaboration is nearby.

Leadership? First You Have to be a Good Follower

There are many books available on Leadership, but have you seen one on Followership? You’ve heard the old saying ‘you have to learn to follow before you learn to lead’, but how do you practice following? 1. Practice listening. Simply repeating back what someone else said to them is a way to practice. 2. Reflect. […]

Collaboration Quick Hit

I’m not much of a poet, but here it goes – ‘Communication meets Trust and when they kiss, Collaboration springs forth….’

Has Your Idea of Collaboration Grown-up Yet?

I had lunch with some old high school classmates a few weeks ago and at times, during the lunch, we talked the way we used to talk to each other almost 30 years ago. – Imitating the voices of some of our old teachers as we spoke to each other as well as using nicknames […]

You Don’t Have a Relationship – That’s the Reason You’re Stuck!

While working with a client recently, who’s dream business deal was stuck in the mud, I gave them this feedback on her frustration with her inability to attract even 1 of the 10 people she knew, who could fund her deal – that she feels she has a relationship with…   My feedback – you […]

More Proof – ‘There’s Nothing New Under the Sun’

There’s nothing new under the sun, the solutions to age-old problems are still available for all of us… Here’s my two cents: We’re a competitive culture and sometime after kindergarten, we lose our ability to use our heart to collaborate because of our culture. How do we regain it? Are we too old to remember […]

Here’s Some Drano for Behaviors that Clog Collaboration

Great tool and case study for ‘how’ to increase collaboration – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4006366/4006366-6065602440663674885 . What are the roadblocks to using this tool in your organization? What tools have you seen that work?  

Empathetically Challenged? Use This…

Empathy: understanding another person’s perspective, is not one of my talents. I have to work at being empathetic – it takes effort. What helps me understand another person’s perspective, especially when I know it’s much different from mine is comparing the perspectives of the antelope and the lion. Here’s how the story goes – the […]

Extreme Case Study – Implications of Collaboration

Think about the tangible and intangible costs of this project story posted on the Collaboration Academy Linked-In group – https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6059058882502737924?trk=groups-post-b-title . How long is the list of primary, secondary and tertiary implications – in other words, the ripple effect of this project on the construction industry?