If You’re Not Characterized as ‘Un-Collaborative’ it Doesn’t Mean You Are

At Home Johnny isn’t a bad kid… At least he doesn’t do drugs! What does this mean? This is classic justification for not being what all of us are called to be – our best. Our best is using our talents to play our role in the world as well as dutifully bearing the burdens […]

Collaboration in Action to Solve an Issue

Sometimes someone will share how to do something, but they don’t really share ‘how’. For example, in a recent, well-written article by Justin Reynolds he shares how collaboration engages remotely located employees and distributed workforces, but he doesn’t really share ‘how’ – how do you increase collaboration among these employees to then increase their engagement? […]

Extraordinary Collaboration = Big-Picture Thinking

Sometimes we need a ‘jolt’ to keep us moving on the collaboration expedition we’ve undertaken… Here’s an idea: Collaboration calls on us to do so, even in the face of those who are behaving exactly the opposite of collaborative. This is called ‘extraordinary collaboration’. How do you practice extraordinary collaboration? 1. It’s important to note […]

Collaborating Effectively: Decoding What ‘Poor in Spirit’ Means…

During the Christmas season, there’s time for reflection. Let’s reflect on being ‘poor in spirit’ and decode what it really means. The reason I suggest this reflection is because to collaborate effectively, we have to be ‘poor in spirit’. ‘Poor in spirit’ is code for humility, which is the ability to empty yourself of pride […]

Who’s Collaborative? The One Who’s Given Everything They Can…

Here is a story I heard recently that helps make a point about how to manage expectations around collaboration when you have a team with varying levels of skill, ability and commitment… It was Christmas time and a little girl shared with her older brother that she had $9.11 and she was going to buy […]

Collaboration Quick Hit #2

This may be my last shot at writing poetry – Near indeed is innovation to those who collaborate… It seems every time you read something about ‘innovation’, the word collaboration is nearby.

Leadership? First You Have to be a Good Follower

There are many books available on Leadership, but have you seen one on Followership? You’ve heard the old saying ‘you have to learn to follow before you learn to lead’, but how do you practice following? 1. Practice listening. Simply repeating back what someone else said to them is a way to practice. 2. Reflect. […]

Collaboration Quick Hit

I’m not much of a poet, but here it goes – ‘Communication meets Trust and when they kiss, Collaboration springs forth….’

Has Your Idea of Collaboration Grown-up Yet?

I had lunch with some old high school classmates a few weeks ago and at times, during the lunch, we talked the way we used to talk to each other almost 30 years ago. – Imitating the voices of some of our old teachers as we spoke to each other as well as using nicknames […]

You Don’t Have a Relationship – That’s the Reason You’re Stuck!

While working with a client recently, who’s dream business deal was stuck in the mud, I gave them this feedback on her frustration with her inability to attract even 1 of the 10 people she knew, who could fund her deal – that she feels she has a relationship with…   My feedback – you […]