The Speed of Sudden Confidence

As recent as yesterday, people I spoke with lamented that while we’re past the “bottoming-out” point in our economy, it looks like a long road back… Suddenly, today, the headlines read “20% jump in home starts in 2011,” “U.S. expects higher than predicted GDP growth in each quarter of 2011” and “Intel reported its best quarterly […]

Off the Deep End. Again.

When is the last time you stretched out of your comfort zone and went off the deep end? Although a life-long exerciser, I never swam. Today I followed-through on a promise to myself to add swimming to my exercise regimen. A straight-hour of swimming… I have alot of confidence as a weightlifter, runner, soccer player, […]

New Year’s Experiment

I was at the local YMCA today just a few blocks from our house and it was packed to the rafters with motivated weightlifters, treadmill patrons, cyclers and zumba dancers like it is every January. Just a month ago you could have rolled a medicine ball down the middle of the building and not have […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

It drives some people crazy when they walk into the bathroom and find the cap off of the toothpaste tube. I stumbled upon this scene in the children’s bathroom at my house recently… a few tubes of toothpaste (why two!) squeezed empty at their midsections and four caps strewn over the bathroom countertop. Sometimes we have to […]

More on Thought Leadership

I was speaking to a colleague yesterday and something they said struck me. Thought Leadership is a direction. Thought leaders tend to have a significant body of work (because of the direction they went previously) and continue to be thought leaders because of their progression in an uncharted direction.

There’s no such thing as “soft skills”

They’re all skills. You measure them the same. What if you wanted to improve your coaching skills? Why? You increase the effectiveness of those who work for you? What happens now? You give others the answer or do it for them. What if you trained them to do it themselves through your improved coaching? How […]

What was your “finish” time?

I run a half marathon race with my father ever year (father/son activity) and I’m often asked what my “finish” time was. My reply everytime is that I don’t know. I’m not interested in my finish time. It takes a few seconds, but eventually they recognize their is more value to competing aside from winning. […]

What You Learn at Funerals

I was at a funeral today for a woman who “always wanted to be a mom.” Everyone was there (all 300 people) becuase of the type of example she set as a human being. WOW. There was no other reason to be there. She was not a CEO of a company, a political figure or […]

Zipping Along

Zip line during the day is already a rush (speeding through the tree tops like a bird). Zip line at night (with a head light on) is a completely different experience as you can imagine… My eight-year-old son and I experienced a “Warrior Weekend.” The theme made the weekend “cool” and focused on the Father-Son […]

Powerful Metaphor for Leadership

In a string quartet, all four musicians are trained to move certain ways for technical reasons specific to their type of instrument to produce the perfect note (sound). For example, let’s consider the cellist. The cellist is hunched-over their instrument, head-down, making jerky, distracting movements (they are connected to themselves as cellists). Isolated, this behavior […]