I Like Who I am When I’m Collaborating…

I heard a story this weekend about a group of high school students that went to the Texas/Mexico border for a mission trip. The high school students worked hard in the hot weather repairing roofs, digging wells and teaching. More than one of them was overheard saying ‘I like who I am on mission’. What […]

HOW You Collaborate – ‘It’s all about the packaging’

I’ve shared before that collaboration is increased communication. Equally important is HOW you communicate or ‘package’ your communication during your attempt to collaborate. What I mean is – how good are you at being who you are? Huh? I believe we are built for kindness. That’s who we are. For example, if we are not […]

Dumbbell Collaboration

Here’s a recent posting I made on the Collaboration Academy website. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6018753669376339971?trk=groups-post-b-title What would help this come together? What hinders it right now?

Awareness of When Your Talent/Strength Turns into a Weakness

Last Thursday, the project team members that had finished their part of the project came for their last weekly team huddle. We went around the room and each team member had the opportunity to share a final ‘highlight and/or hitch’ – something that had gone well during the project so far and/or something that hadn’t. […]

Dumbbell Collaboration

This Harvard Business Review article is an example of a niche consulting firm creating collaboration between donors and nonprofit organizations. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6018753669376339971?trk=groups-post-b-title It is a metaphor for helping subject experts on collaboration and healthcare and commercial construction leadership buy-in to the idea of participating in a community to ask and answer questions and share knowledge. The experts […]

Collaboration is not instinctive. Should you acquire knowledge and skills to make it instinctive?

Skillful use of English is now the global standard to be employable. Could you make a case that it will soon be the case for collaborative skills and behavior? Here is a recent Wall Street Journal article that sparked this thought. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6017017843831300098?trk=groups-post-b-title

What Good is More Communication if You Don’t Know How to Effectively?

Have you ever been told ‘you have to communicate more and/or effectively if you want to improve’? What about ‘if you communicate more and/or effectively, most of your issues will go away’? Collaboration boils down to communicating more and effectively and the output or result is increased trust. Here’s a helpful metaphor – according to a recent […]

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #6 of 25+

Smooth Interruptions Interrupting someone gracefully is always challenging. People don’t like to be interrupted and they don’t like interrupters. Here are a few ‘word tools’ that work every time. 1.     ‘Excuse me for interrupting, but you sparked an idea…’ 2.     ‘Excuse me, did you say… (repeat back what they just said), […]

Collaboration Admirer or Model?

I believe most folks could check the collaboration ‘admirer‘ box. An admirer is someone who publicly supports collaboration and will even share that it is high on their organization’s list. How is being a collaboration ‘model‘ different? It’s rewarding collaboration and training to collaborate effectively. I read an article on collaboration in organizations recently that […]

Collaboration From An Owners Perspective – The Alta Vista Project – View #2

View #2 – Less is More Most of us have done construction on our house or know someone who has. It’s not unusual when the market is hot – like it is today, for a subcontractor to leave a project unfinished, never to return even though they hadn’t collected the last payment… If the project […]

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