What I Learned From Hearing ‘NO’

It’s hard to advise prospective clients on what they NEED when they want what they WANT, regardless of the evidence. I lost a deal this week because I did what was hard. Lessons for all of us when we lose a deal: 1. Stay positive. 2. You’re the expert, don’t let anyone tell you how […]

Words are Powerful

Plenipotentiary – someone who has full power to take action on a goal. Start with being one for yourself. What is that goal with a 100x return on investment that’s been on your list for as long as you can remember? Put a deadline on it and work backwards with action items that help you […]

How to Make Goals Inevitable

If you don’t have your team’s hearts or minds you won’t achieve results. (Sears?) If you only have their hearts, you will achieve reckless results, which is unpredictable. (RadioShack?) If you only have their minds, you will achieve spiritless results, which means you get the minimum from your team. (N. Korea?) If you have both […]

Vertical vs. Horizontal View and What that Means for You

I was watching a colleague’s Ted video and he talked about having a horizontal or in my mind an appreciative view of the world versus a vertical or hierarchical view. A vertical view ranks people – in terms of their schooling, height, looks, money, friends, etc… You view people in a vertical way every day. Your neighbors, the person next to you […]

Simple is Beautiful: Winning Hearts Through Collaboration

You can re-purpose, re-package and re-position yourself by asking the simple question – who can I help? That’s what CareMore, Lyft and MedTrans Network have done collaboratively. Read the article here – http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160906006087/en/CareMore-Health-System%E2%80%99s-Collaboration-Lyft-Improves-Access Keeping in mind that the definition of collaboration is ‘doing what’s in the best interest of the project or in this case, what’s […]

You Don’t Have a Relationship – That’s the Reason You’re Stuck!

While working with a client recently, who’s dream business deal was stuck in the mud, I gave them this feedback on her frustration with her inability to attract even 1 of the 10 people she knew, who could fund her deal – that she feels she has a relationship with…   My feedback – you […]

Customer Activated Communication Which Leads to Collaboration

Here’s the link to a posting I made on the Collaboration Academy Linked-In group page – an article that opens up a new way to increase client engagement – https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6037647446014779394?trk=groups-post-b-title

An Often Overlooked Application of the 80/20 Principle

Many people are familiar with the principle – a small number of causes are responsible for a majority of the effects in the world. For example, 10% of the music ever recorded is played on the radio 90% of the time… A popular use of the principle is in business development – 10%, 20% or maybe […]

What do Clients Want Most?

The answer is TRUST. Clients will give you a certain amount of trust at the beginning of a relationship because they have to in order to begin working. How do you build trust to give clients more of what they want? If you demonstrate your ability to collaborate (action verb), one output is increased trust […]

What ‘Brain-Interconnectedness’ Has to do with Collaboration

In my research on ‘how to collaborate more’ I’ve spent time thinking about how neuroscience, specifically social neuroscience impacts collaboration. Social neuroscience is the study of what happens in the brain when people interact (connect). What social neuroscience refers to as mirror neurons, spindle cells and oscillators and what they do when people interact (connect) […]