Your life: are you moving in the right direction?

1. Only do things that take you towards your ‘WHY’ and mission. Read them frequently. 2. Your answer to ‘WHY’ you do what you do should be how you serve others. It has nothing to do with money, power or reputation. What is your ‘BIG WHY’? Without it your life is devoid of purpose. 3. […]

How ‘Rich’ Can ‘Poor’ Be?

Do you ever worry? ‘By worrying you can’t add a single moment to your lifespan.’ What causes worry? Slavery – concern over what you will eat, what you will wear and what parties you were not invited to… In other words – concern over being ‘rich’ in a temporal sense. What causes freedom? Poverty. If […]

Vertical vs. Horizontal View and What that Means for You

I was watching a colleague’s Ted video and he talked about having a horizontal or in my mind an appreciative view of the world versus a vertical or hierarchical view. A vertical view ranks people – in terms of their schooling, height, looks, money, friends, etc… You view people in a vertical way every day. Your neighbors, the person next to you […]

Simple is Beautiful: Winning Hearts Through Collaboration

You can re-purpose, re-package and re-position yourself by asking the simple question – who can I help? That’s what CareMore, Lyft and MedTrans Network have done collaboratively. Read the article here – Keeping in mind that the definition of collaboration is ‘doing what’s in the best interest of the project or in this case, what’s […]

Collaboration – Keeping the Commitment

Who is not going to commit to collaborate if asked? Keeping the commitment is how we collaborate successfully. After Julius Caesar landed with his troops to conquer Britain, he took them to the cliffs of Dover. When they reached the cliffs, what they saw must have helped them understand Caesar’s commitment to conquer Britain. There, […]

You Don’t Have a Relationship – That’s the Reason You’re Stuck!

While working with a client recently, who’s dream business deal was stuck in the mud, I gave them this feedback on her frustration with her inability to attract even 1 of the 10 people she knew, who could fund her deal – that she feels she has a relationship with…   My feedback – you […]

More Proof – ‘There’s Nothing New Under the Sun’

There’s nothing new under the sun, the solutions to age-old problems are still available for all of us… Here’s my two cents: We’re a competitive culture and sometime after kindergarten, we lose our ability to use our heart to collaborate because of our culture. How do we regain it? Are we too old to remember […]

Customer Activated Communication Which Leads to Collaboration

Here’s the link to a posting I made on the Collaboration Academy Linked-In group page – an article that opens up a new way to increase client engagement –

Collaboration Admirer or Model?

I believe most folks could check the collaboration ‘admirer‘ box. An admirer is someone who publicly supports collaboration and will even share that it is high on their organization’s list. How is being a collaboration ‘model‘ different? It’s rewarding collaboration and training to collaborate effectively. I read an article on collaboration in organizations recently that […]

Collaboration Curve vs. Learning Curve

Here is an article I posted on the Collaboration Academy Linked-In group page from the Harvard Business Review that makes you think – The posts I make on the Linked-In group page are focused on organizational collaboration, while the posts I make on my blog focus on learning to personally collaborate effectively…