Temporal or Legacy? Which Do You Prefer?

Money, Power and Reputation are temporal or temporary in their value. I saw an ‘estate sale’ sign in front of a mansion today. There were cars lining the street and many bargain hunters and curiosity seekers coming and going to and from this very large house. The person that owned the house had died and […]

Collaboration Is ‘Perfect Effort’, Not Perfection

My oldest child is entering her sophomore year in high school and she’s on the golf team. I realize that I don’t have too many opportunities left to spend large chunks of time with her before she ventures-out to create a life of her own. I’ve decided to take some golf lessons to create opportunities […]

Guard Against the ‘Collaboration of Ease’

If you ask, who, in their own minds, doesn’t think they’re collaborative? The question is not worth the breath needed to ask it. Here is the thinking behind ‘collaboration of ease’ that lulls us into thinking we are… Collaboration of ease – ‘ I collaborate when I can and I’m ok as long as no […]

Being vs. Doing

Be a human being, not a human doing, which means you have to stop busy-ness. A human being focuses on being 24/7. It is an experience. This experience naturally leads to more collaborative behavior…    

Collaboration Doesn’t Happen with a ‘Bang’

Creating new habits takes time, even when you know it is a good idea. A year ago we bought a new Honda minivan and it came with a ‘cool box’ to keep items refrigerated when traveling. A year later, we’ve just noticed that we finally have the hang of intentionally using it during our trip […]

World Cup Soccer Metaphor for World-Class Collaboration

There was an article at espn.com that ranked the quality of all 62 World Cup games played up to the finals –¬†http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/belgium-vs-u-s-was-the-best-match-of-the-world-cup-so-far/ . What defines a ‘one of the best soccer games I ever watched’ realization? Here is a defining criteria that is a metaphor for world-class collaboration (or lack thereof) in business: The greater […]

Collaboration Only Looks Through the Windshield

When you collaborate are you looking forward or backward? I facilitated a Board meeting recently and an analogy used for how the Board operated was that of the direction you gazed when in a car. “Instead of this Board looking in the rear view mirror when meeting, it should be looking out through the windshield.” […]

Inside Moves

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to carefully choose what I do, read, watch and think about. If I make it a priority to go to church with my kids at their school during the week, study my faith outside of just Sundays, watch clean shows on television and […]

Opportunity to Laugh