Collaboration Is ‘Perfect Effort’, Not Perfection

My oldest child is entering her sophomore year in high school and she’s on the golf team. I realize that I don’t have too many opportunities left to spend large chunks of time with her before she ventures-out to create a life of her own. I’ve decided to take some golf lessons to create opportunities […]

Tip on avoiding bigger ‘ice cream headaches’

When was the last time you had an ‘ice cream headache’? Was it actually eating ice cream or dealing with a team issue? As you move-up in your leadership effectiveness, the ice cream headaches are bigger. The only way to ‘melt’ them away, sometimes completely, is to have conviction about using your heart to collaborate. […]

Special Bulletin: People Become Nicer as They Get Older

There is an article in the Wall Street Journal today that shares the fact that major life events such as marriage and career advancement makes us nicer people. I think we act nice – like sharing your lunch with others, up until about age 5 and then competition enters our lives. We stop sharing… Towards […]

Opportunity to Laugh