Dumbbell Collaboration

This Harvard Business Review article is an example of a niche consulting firm creating collaboration between donors and nonprofit organizations. https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4006366-6018753669376339971?trk=groups-post-b-title It is a metaphor for helping subject experts on collaboration and healthcare and commercial construction leadership buy-in to the idea of participating in a community to ask and answer questions and share knowledge. The experts […]

Collaboration’s value increases when part of a process

I ran across the following quote – ‘Collaborative applications are increasingly becoming part of a process and creating greater value. I looked at the processes that have collaborative leverage. “Collaborative Leverage” is a concept developed by my company, Collaborative Strategies, Inc., which looks at optimum performance in a process that utilizes some aspect of collaboration. […]

Collaboration Only Looks Through the Windshield

When you collaborate are you looking forward or backward? I facilitated a Board meeting recently and an analogy used for how the Board operated was that of the direction you gazed when in a car. “Instead of this Board looking in the rear view mirror when meeting, it should be looking out through the windshield.” […]

(Grandson of) List of Collaboration Business Applications

Here’s number 3 of 3 lists. Enjoy! Use the strengths-based collaboration tools and language from Gallup, Core Clarity and Cima to activate the ‘crucial conversations’ that need to happen in a functional organization Create team ground rules and rules of engagement  Use collaboration games (talent pictionary, silent squares, etc…) to build trust

(Son of) List of Collaboration Business Applications

Here are collaboration business applications 6-10, 11-17 to come… maximize the value each team member delivers by enabling them to broaden their role horizontally based on talents in addition to the traditional, vertical, job-title promotion route refresh the traditional way new projects are pursued and delivered change the culture from a ‘command and control’ style […]

List of Collaboration Business Applications

Lists seem to be popular, so here it goes: running meetings resume refresh/job description language/hiring process team creation re-position a team member that’s not in the best role performance reviews

Collaboration FORM & ACE

Meaningful conversation in business settings is usually difficult to create e.g. ‘whew, is it hot outside’ or ‘did the hometown team win last night.’ BORING! I’ve used the acronyms ‘FORM’ and ‘ACE’ over the years to create meaningful conversation. F – family/friends – what do you like to do with your family when not working? […]

Inside Moves

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to carefully choose what I do, read, watch and think about. If I make it a priority to go to church with my kids at their school during the week, study my faith outside of just Sundays, watch clean shows on television and […]

Collaboration Today is Like Going Back to the Future

You’ve probably heard the term ‘master builder’. This role existed until about 100 years ago. The era of the master builder was characterized by integrated construction projects. The quality was great, the cost was low and there were no lawsuits. Today, that era is slowly returning with the help of increasing knowledge of how to […]

Cooking-up Collaboration

  Have you ever experienced a major construction project on your home? I’ve heard many war stories, and the term ‘war story’ is usually appropriate. Why? Because relationships tend to suffer and in-turn so does the project budget, schedule and quality. Well, how about this for a story: my wife, Sally, and I are working […]